This page includes links to and documents that pilots or those training may find useful. They are provided as reference only and for study purposes, not for use as actual aircraft operating documents.

Forms Useful for Pilots and Instructors

Private/Instrument/Commercial Pilot Certificate/Rating Checklists

Private Pilot Ground Training Requirements Log Template

Instrument Rating Ground Training Requirements Log Template

Commercial Pilot Ground Training Requirements Log Template

Initial CFI Ground Training Requirements Log Template

Applicants Checklist for Practical Tests
Click Here for the Checklist PDF

Airman Testing Questions & Answers
Click Here for the PDF

Instructional Flight Record FormForm to use when conducting instructional flight to track the flight, items completed, and print as a record for the instructor and the student. Form works in iPad and Adobe Reader PDF formats.

Instrument Proficiency Flight Record Form – Form to track and document an instrument proficiency check. Allows tracking of items, sat/unsat denotations, instructor and pilot signatures.  Form works in iPad and Adobe Reader PDF formats.  Includes the PTS information for IPC requirements.

Fillable 8710 Form – iPad and Adobe Reader form that allows the 8710 to filled out in the event that IACRA is not being used for a practical test.

Statement of US Ownership for FAA Aircraft Registry Form – A form that has fillable fields to use when registering an aircraft that confirms U.S. ownership. This form is becoming a required item with many aircraft registered under any corporate structure but is not a form that is provided by the FAA. This form contains all the requisite infromation that is needed when doing this filing currently.

Pilot Logbook Excel File – A robust Microsoft Excel pilot logbook template. If you aren’t using a software piece for this, it is a great alternative option. (I still use it).

Websites Useful for Pilots and Instructors

Find a Designated Pilot Examiner – You can search for examiners here who are active with the FAA by state

FAA Safety – Home of the FAA Safety team and the Wings program.

NOAA Aviation Weather – Approved weather source for pilots.  Non-logged.

TFR.FAA.Gov – An official TFR listing site.

Site to use for looking up FAA Knowledge Test Report Learning Statement Reference Codes for Students/Instructors/and Examiners


Articles Useful for Pilots and Instructors

“Tax Tactics Money-Saving Considerations for Flight Instructors”
by Jeff Gilbert and published in NAFI Mentor Magazine
March, 2009
Click Here to view a PDF of the Article

“Flying with the iPad: Apps & Accessories and/or Advanced iPad Flying”
by Brett Koebe at Sporty’s.  Click here to go to the page to watch these webinars video archives.

Associations Pilots and Instructors Should Consider Joining

AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association

EAA – Experimental Aviation Association

NAFI – National Association of Flight Instructors

NATA – National Air Transportation Association

SAFE – Society for Aviation Flight Educators

Sea-Plane Pilots Association

Instrument Pilot Training:

Content coming soon.

Commercial Pilot Training:

Content coming soon.

CFI Training Materials:

FAA Conducting an Effective Flight Review

Best Practices for Mentoring in Flight Instruction by the FAA

Tailwheel References:

Damian DelGaizo’s Tailwheel 101 – A great video for intro tailwheel students! (or those just wanting a little refresher)


POH/AFM Examples:

*These examples are items I have collected from multiple sources and should never be used to replace an actual POH or AFM for a particular aircraft to be flown. They are provided as reference only for training and practice purposes.

Beechcraft Bonanza A36 AFM

Beechcraft Bonanza F33A POH

Beechcraft BE76 Duchess POH (1978)

Cessna 150 1968 POH

Cessna 150 1969 POH

Cessna 150 1970 POH

Cessna 152 1978 POH

Cessna 152 1985 POH

Cessna 162 Skycatcher POH

Cessna 170 POH (Early 1950’s)

Cessna 172N POH (1978)

Cessna 172R Information Manual

Cessna 172RG POH (1980)

Cessna 180 Owners Manual (1964)

Cessna Cessna 210B Owners Manual (1962)

Cessna 310K POH

Cessna Super Skymaster 337 POH (1971)

Cirrus SR20

Cirrus SR22

Diamond DA20

Diamond DA40

Grumman AA5B Tiger 1977-79 POH

Mooney M20E (1966-1967)

Piper Cherokee 6 PA-32-300 POH

Piper Arrow PA28R-201 AFM

Piper Seminole PA44-180 AFM

Piper Seneca Information Manual PA34-200

Piper Seneca Seneca POH (1975)

Piper Tri-Pacer PA22-150 Owners Manual

Piper Twin Comanche POH

Just for Funm Misc. and Old Reference Documents:

Civils Aeronautics Bureau – Fundamentals of Elementary Flight Maneuvers

MIG29 Flight-Manual Pt 1

MIG29 Flight-Manual Pt 2

NATOPS Flight Manual US Navy FA-18A,B,C,D (McDonnell Douglas) fighter (A1-F18AC-NFM-000) (Chg 6, 2000) BBS

Pilot’s Manual for Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Pilots Manual for F4U Corsair (Aviation Pubs, 1977)