Flight Training Budget Calculator

The following is a LIVE editable, spreadsheet that you can use to consider budgeting planning for flight training. If you are considering budgeting a monthly amount, based on the training you expect to complete, you can determine if you will have enough monthly funds available, or if you should probably save for a little while based on your budget allowances before beginning your flight training.

This is a tool that can be used to consider the budgeting restrictions of learning to fly. It doesn’t consider extra lessons, if studying isn’t completed, or other factors outside the budget considerations. I encourage flight instructors, schools, and students to have a realistic discussion with each other to input numbers in this calculation that are representative of what is projected to complete the particular rating or certificate at the training location to get the best results of this calculation.

Note, since this is a live sheet, if multiple people are attempting to access the file at the same time, you could end up changing numbers at the same time. Sorry for that, but at the moment, this was the quickest way I could put this up on the website as an example or for planning purposes. If you find this is a problem your are experiencing, you can also download an Excel spreadsheet to work with offline by clicking here (this is a zipped file that you will need to unzip, it’s not big, it is just a zip file for security reasons).

Second Note, unfortunately this tool does not work on an iPad.