There are worse ways to get to work.

Most people get to work in their land-based vehicles. That isn’t always the case for me, especially since most days I am going to an airport anyway. It is a pretty special thing to have an airport greet you as the sun comes up in the morning and you embark into the air, defying gravity, on the way to start your day.

The view from Charlie is a pretty special one on a clear, calm morning such as this. I can’t help but marvel at how calm and smooth the morning was. Even in this 75-year-old Stinson, the flight was largely hands-off as I worked through my first cup of coffee enroute.

Thanks to Charlie for the great ride to work today! There are certainly worse ways to get to work.


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About Jason Blair

Jason Blair is an active single and multiengine instructor and an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner with over 6,000 hours total time, over 3,000 hours of instruction given, and more than 3000 hours in aircraft as a DPE. In his role as Examiner, over 2,000 pilot certificates have been issued. He has worked for and continues to work with multiple aviation associations with the work focusing on pilot training and testing. His experience as a pilot and instructor spans nearly 20 years and includes over 100 makes and models of aircraft flown. Jason Blair has published works in many aviation publications with a focus on training and safety.

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