Today is deadline for The First 2023 Paul and Fran Burger WINGS Sweepstakes Entry Deadline, June 30, 2023!

The WINGS Industry Network (WIN) administers the Paul and Fran Burger Sweepstakes. In 2023, WIN offers two sweepstakes drawings, each including cash AND prizes. The sweepstakes is designed to provide incentives to participate in the FAASTeam WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program. WIN offers a chance to win one of fifteen awards in the bi-annual contest. To be eligible, pilots must complete a phase(s) of WINGS, and CFIs must validate phase(s) of WINGS.
The first half of the 2023 sweepstakes consists of ten cash prizes of $250 and five prizes generously donated by Gleim, Gene Benson, Pilot Institute, AOPA, and ASA. That means fifteen lucky aviators are eligible to win!
The first half 2023 entry deadline is June 30, 2023, so get busy and complete or validate a phase and get a chance to win real cash and prizes! You can enter the sweepstakes in the Team Member Rewards section of the “My WINGS” page at
For more information on the sweepstakes and to learn about the mission of the WINGS Industry Network, visit

Updated FAA AC 90-66C – Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations Available

The FAA has recently released an updated Advisory Circular on Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations (AC 90-66C), issued on June 6, 2023.

This is a great document to brush up on your understanding of traffic pattern operations, study for any upcoming checkride, or to use with your students if you are CFI.

You can find it at:

Reset that Night Currency Charlie

Sometimes, you just need to get out and fly a bit for fun.

With a non-committed morning ahead of me and an opportunity to sleep in, it was a good night to take Charlie for a spin and reset some tailwheel and single-engine night currency.

A little trip to to the lakeshore with a good friend riding along let us see the last of the sun leftovers drip away as we scooted along the Lake Michigan Shoreline and then into Holland for a couple full stop taxi-back landings before then heading back to Allegan.

You can’t get much better than a smooth ride in a 76 year old aircraft along the shoreline as the last of the light fades and brings on the night in the summer. Thanks for helping reset the night currency Charlie!

Keep Our NTSB/FAA Folks at Home this Weekend…

Pop quiz time.

If you are an FAA Air Safety Inspector or NTSB Accident Investigator, pick three of the following six days you would choose to be on call for accidents.

A. Christmas Day
B. Easter Sunday
C. New Year’s Day
D. Memorial Weekend
E. Fourth of July Weekend
F. Labor Day Weekend

Most people who have to respond to accidents in aviation will tell you they would rather be on call A, B, and C than D, E, and F. They are less likely to be needed.

Every year, Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July weekend, and Labor Day weekends generate more general aviation accidents than most other periods of the year. Pilots have time off, pilots have made plans to fly, and they go even if the weather is a little bit iffy or their skills are a bit rusty.

If you are thinking about flying somewhere this weekend or any of the other big summer holidays, and you are questioning even a little bit whether you should be going, stop the accident chain before it starts.

Don’t give our FAA and NTSB folks a reason to have to go in to work! Everyone in the aviation community would rather see you with us for a future fly-in, a trip to visit family, or just a trip around the pattern.