When that Hold Doesn’t Look Quite Right – Be Ready for the Non-Published Hold

Imagine you are a good CFI sitting around the airport while your student is flying the flight demonstration portion of their instrument practical test with a DPE, and, as you watch the FlightAware track generated by the ADS-B the aircraft is pushing out, you see this.

Hmm….that track really doesn’t look like the published hold now does it?

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Charlie Travels and a Bath

Its always better when you get to fly to work, right?

Well, Charlie let me do that for 4 days this past week thankfully.

The weather behaved, checkrides were scheduled and got to happen as planned, and timing made sense to go to them via air instead of driving on those road things to get the work done.

It’s always better to get to fly in Charlie when I am headed to airports anyway. Plus, I am sure it saved me a bunch of time over the week instead of driving. Plus, no traffic in my way!

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New FAA Aeronautical Chart Users’ Guide Effective June 17, 2021

Recently the FAA issued a new edition of the FAA Aeronautical Chart Users Guide which became effective June 17, 2021.

Produced by the FAA, the guide is good for new and experienced pilots alike as a reference for all FAA produced charts. The definitive guide to symbology and information in and on FAA charts, users can use this guide for initial study all the way through finding those rare nuggets of charting quiz challenge.

Check out the update guide by visiting: https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/aero_guide/

FSANA Survey of Training Provider Safety Efforts

The Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) (www.FSANA.com) is seeking feedback from CFIs and flight training providers about what is taught to instructors, how line staff are empowered to take actions that might affect safety, and how training providers engage with the general public on safety discussions.

If you might be willing to share some input, please share your input to their survey.

Click here to complete the Survey of Training Provider Safety Efforts