Get Sector Briefed Like the Center Controllers Do

Want to get a quick big picture briefing for an area for a day? You can do this like the controllers to if you check out the Pre-Duty Wx Briefing that Center controllers get when the come on station each day.

A generally 2-3 minutes synopsis of the general conditions that will take place in a broad sector area, controllers get this briefing before they go on station and start working with pilots flying in their sectors each day.

This tool doesn’t have to be just limited to use by controllers, pilots can use the same tool to get a general picture of what is happening in a broad area in which they may be flying.

You can check out the Pre-Duty Wx Briefing for controllers by clicking here or the image to the right above.

If you happen to be in West Michigan and or fly in the Chicago Sector area, here is the briefing I have started to check out many mornings:

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