FAA DPERWG ARAC Report Delivered

A few who know me know that over the past year and a half I have had the opportunity to be a representative of the aviation training and testing industry on an FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee focused on recommending enhancements to the testing process provided by FAA Designated Pilot Examiners.

This past week, the final report from the team of FAA staff and industry representatives was delivered and is now public.

The work that was completed is a direct response to a request from Congress and industry requests for modernization and improvement.

On October 5, 2018, Congress enacted the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 (P.L 115-254). Section 319 (Designated Pilot Examiner Reforms) of P.L. 115-254 requires the Administrator assign to the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee the task of reviewing all regulations and policies related to designated pilot examiners appointed under section 183.23 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations.

On June 20, 2019, the FAA assigned this task to ARAC, which ARAC designated to the Designated Pilot Examiner Reforms Working Group.

This work has resulted in a final report that will be reviewed by the FAA for implementation of recommendations as possible going forward.

I consider the ability to have participated in this effort a privilege and am hopeful that the work this group did will be able to be implemented for positive effects on the provision of testing for FAA certification in the United States.

With that said, I encourage others to take the time to review the work that was done in the final report and to continue the conversation as the FAA and industry representatives work to continue to enhance safety while at the same time improving service to all stakeholders in our aviation industry.

Click here to see the final Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee Designated Pilot Examiner Reforms Working Group report

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About Jason Blair

Jason Blair is an active single- and multi-engine instructor and a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner with over 5,000 hours total time and over 3,000 hours instruction given, and he has flown over 100 different makes and models of general aviation aircraft. In his role as Examiner, he has issued over 2000 pilot certificates. He works and has worked for multiple aviation associations that promote training and general aviation. He also consults on aviation training and regulatory efforts for the general aviation industry.

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