FYI RE Airman Knowledge Tests – Will Require FTN Starting Jan 13, 2020…

FYI RE Airman Knowledge Tests!

From a recent communication to DPEs, but important also for all flight instructors, the following communication from the FAA was indicated:

Important changes to Knowledge Test Reports!

Effective January 13, 2020, any applicant that wishes to take any Airmen Knowledge Test (AKT) for any of the airmen certificates (Any Pilot certificate, Mechanic, Inspection Authorization, Parachute Rigger) will be required to have an FAA Tracking Number (FTN).

The FTN is an 8-digit unique and permanent number assigned to each registered user in the FAA’s Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) system.

Beginning January 13, 2020, ALL airmen must have an FTN prior to taking any FAA AKT. To obtain an FTN in IACRA, applicants will need to register at the following link and follow the instructions provided:

All airmen must use IACRA to establish an FAA Tracking Number (FTN) before taking any FAA airman knowledge test. This identification number will be printed on the applicant’s Airmen Knowledge Test Results (AKTR) in replacement of the Applicant ID number. The applicant is responsible for obtaining the FTN, and in no way involves the ASI’s, TPE’s, or DPE’s. The FTN is required for the written exams only and does not change FAA Policy, as it only changes the “form and manor” for the applicant and not the process.

Also, Beginning January 2020, the FAA will no longer require an embossed, raised seal on the AKTR. Examiners and ASIs will no longer be required to verify an embossed/raised seal is present on the AKTR before conducting certification tasks requiring the airman to present a valid AKTR.

If an applicant loses his/her original AKTR, he/she can receive a replacement from the vendor for all knowledge tests taken after January 13, 2020. Applicants will have the ability to print their AKTR directly from the vendor’s website. For all knowledge tests taken before January 13, 2020, applicants must contact the FAA Airmen Certification Office (AFB-720) for copies of AKTRs.

The practical purpose of this is the continued implementation of IACRA as the tracking system for airman in their certification process to include the knowledge tests. The improvements in this process will help make lost test replacement easier and the overall coordination of the knowledge testing data and subsequent practical testing data used in IACRA more standardized and reduce many of the paperwork “hiccups” that applicants, CFIs, and DPEs encounter.

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FYI RE Airman Knowledge Tests – Will Require FTN Starting Jan 13, 2020… — 3 Comments

  1. I’m wondering if a student pilot already has an FTN (to acquire his SP Cert) does require another separate FTN for the written, or use the FTN he/she already has? Thanks.

    • The FTN they would already have if they have registered or have a previous pilot certificate (any of them, Sport Pilot, Student Pilot, Remote Pilot, Private Pilot, etc.) will be the same one they would use when doing a knowledge test. No need to get a new one and great question!