FAA Removes Requirement of Demonstration of Complex Aircraft on CFI Initial and Single-Engine Initial Commercial Pilot Practical Tests

Today the FAA published FAA Notice N8900.463 which specifically addresses a change in policy in the Commercial Pilot ACS and the CFI PTS documents to allow for completion of a practical test without requiring demonstration of a complex aircraft on certain tests.

This represents a significant change of interest to flight training providers. While the changes to the ACS and PTS documents in no way (at this time) eliminate the regulatory requirement for training toward a rating or certificate in a complex aircraft or the completion of an endorsement for such a certificate, it does eliminate the requirement to bring this type of an aircraft with for a practical test. The change allows greater flexibility for training providers to utilize different aircraft in the completion of “complex aircraft training” or endorsements during the training that will not be required to be used on a practical test.

It is important to note that, “There is no change to the complex airplane training and endorsement requirements of § 61.31(e) or to the commercial pilot aeronautical experience requirements of § 61.129(a)(3)(ii) or part 141 appendix D.”

The changes are only applicable to the demonstration requirements that now previously required the demonstration of use of a complex aircraft on single-engine initial CFI and Commercial practical tests. Continue reading