Airman Certification Standards (ACS) Becoming Effective June 15, 2016

Get Ready for the ACS – Airman Certification Standards! These represent exciting improvements are on the horizon for airman testing and training.

Effective June 15, applicants for the private pilot certificate (airplane category) and the instrument rating (airplane category) will use the corresponding airman certification standards (ACS) in lieu of the practical test standards (PTS).

Developed by an FAA collaboration with a diverse group of aviation industry experts, the ACS is an enhanced version of the PTS. The ACS integrates and clearly defines the aeronautical knowledge and risk management elements that support each PTS skill task. It also incorporates today’s PTS “special emphasis” items into the appropriate ACS task. The ACS thus offers clear guidance on what an applicant must know (SKILL), consider (RISK MANAGEMENT), and do (SKILL) to qualify for certificate or rating.

For detailed information on the ACS, please visit the Airman Testing web page ( and watch this space for updates as the ACS effective date approaches.


Airman Certification Standards (ACS) Becoming Effective June 15, 2016 — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Jason,
    Just listened to your talk over Aviation News Talk regards CFI’s.
    I’m a holder of an expired CFI. Want to reinstate it.
    However, I was a full time Line Instructor for Embraer in Brazil for 8 years. Embraer did not required me to have a valid CFI in order to be a line instructor.
    I do have an ATP certificate with E170/190 rating.
    I left Embraer in 2016. At the present moment I’m flying B777 for Qatarairways.
    I’m planning to move back to the US and need some advice in how to reinstate my CFI either with an add on or the CFI itself.